Welcome to Mass Global Shipping

Established in 2002 in England and Wales, Mass UK Ltd., T/A Mass Global Shipping have more than 20 years of experience in International trade.

We at Mass Global Shipping offer’s Sea, Air and Road freight covering all commercial sea ports, air ports and road hauliers all around the world with border clearance. Our service is unique and exceptional in the market by the speed and accurate information we are able to offer. Our dedicated team of professionals are trained to offer all international trade terms (incoterms) to prepare and deliver all documentation in house as per customer requirements i.e., Letter of credit terms,Tele-graphic transfers. Mass Global Shipping is an executive member of London Chamber Of Commerce in order to issue all required certification of exports all around the world when required.

Every industry has its own lingo, protocols and challenges. Shipping and logistics are no exception. Forward thinking and meticulous planning and attention to detail are what make us unique in our service offering in the market place which will delight our customer at all times.

The company is located at 58, The Arches, Off Welbeck Road in Harrow Middlesex HA2 8AA. Our open yard and warehouse coversa 5000 square feet open and close storage space with easy access to containers and other delivery lorries. We at Mass Global Shipping have installed state of the art CCTV security camera’s which recording 24/7 in a fully gated compound for peace of mind to our customers.

We have our own project and machinery cargo warehouse in Welwyn Garden CityOff A1 Route. We can offer JCB’s and other large machinery to be loaded in to specialist containers.The services are designed to give measurable benefits to Mass Global Shipping customers, that is to offer cost effective solutions with professional packing and will ensure we cover all regulatory requirements country to country enabling Mass Global Shipping to deliver its promise to offer reliable, dependable and honourable service at all times to our customers.

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