Transhipment via Colombo in Asia and Walvis Bay in Southern Africa


Mass Global Shipping office in Sri Lanka offer shipment of goods or containers to an intermediate destination, then to yet another destination via Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the fourteenth in the world with 1.5 million TEU’s with 71% being transhipments as per 2012 world busiest ports statistics.

We offer trans-loading, consolidation and deconsolidation. These combined services are offered via Sri Lanka with state of the art designated customs areas, thus avoiding the need for customs checks or duties, otherwise a major hindrance for efficient transport.

Namibia - Walvis bay is strategically located on the west coast of Southern Africa with 1,600km of coastline on the Atlantic and bordering on the north, east and south with Angola, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa respectively. The Ports of Walvis Bay and Lüderitz are Namibia’s

only ports with the former being Namibia’s main commercial port, located on the main trading maritime corridor on the Atlantic. The Walvis Bay port is a sheltered deep-water harbour protected by a natural bay and benefiting from a temperate climate with no delays due to bad weather. The port has a designed container terminal capacity of 355,000 TEU and is served by well maintained, safe and secure transit corridors providing fast and easy access to the hinterland and neighbouring countries .The port positions as transhipment hub along the western African coastline and preferred access point into SADC providing the shortest direct route to Europe and the Americas without the congestion delays faced by competing ports in the region. 

Our own team who are dedicated and professional in Sri Lanka in Asia and Namibia in Southern Africa will take care of all your cargo transhipped via two regions seamlessly in the shortest time period.

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